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Grace Hospitality Tabletop Lamp | Cordless, Rechargeable & Water Resistant


Color: Matte Gold

Lighting is the most powerful of our senses. The One Privé cordless, rechargeable table top lamp creates visible radiant energy, revealing the world in all its nuanced shapes and vibrant colors.

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The Grace Hospitality Tabletop Lamp is both cordless & rechargeable (Charger Included) and will recreate the elegant lighting of your favorite restaurant or lounge. 

This modern tabletop lamp operates with one touch on off / dimming delivering atmospheric and architectural LED down lighting that is warm and aesthetically pleasing. Wherever you place this cordless lamp(s), you will love its sleek design and warm light - its just so convenient to have cordless light anywhere anytime. 

Glare free downlight with a single charge operating time of approx. - 40-60 hours.

The Grace lamp is 10 inches tall and 3 inches wide. It weights 0.77 lbs and has three dimming settings. 


  • Ideal gift for any recipient or occasion 
  • Modern clean design 
  • Warm architectural downward light
  • Mood setting 
  • Enjoyable to use 
  • Braodly funcitonal 
Functional Features:
  • LED Lighting
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery
  • Cordless
  • Convenient under-mount charging
  • Single touch any location control
  • Three dimming settings
  • Water resistant
  • Durable lightweight casing

Order Cancellations or Refunds for any reason are permitted but not during Transit or before completion of order Delivery. All shipping costs for returns requested by customers for reasons not related to One Privé are borne by the customer. This item is subject to a 25% Restocking Charge.

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    The Collection is curated in the United States to create lasting entertainment memories

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