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One Privé Crocodile Armoire | Bar & Dinner Service

$6,500 $7,500

The One Privé Crocodile Armoire is inspired by Louis XIV Sumptuous & Imposing Armoire Collection, which originally housed wardrobes. The One Privé Crocodile Armoire is designed to be utilized as an elegant Cocktail Bar, Serving Station or Fine China Storage. The Armoire is fully Customizable including engraving of Home or Family Crest.

Minimum Order: One

Materials as PicturedBlue Leather Crocodile Pattern, Fine Ebony Wood, Glass and Velvet Shelving

Material Substations Will Be Accommodated 

Lead Time: Four Months 

The One Privé Crocodile Armoire is Offered at: $6,500

Additional Shelving and Drawers as well as Swing Arm Shelves are Included

Designer Inquiries Welcome 

To discuss The One Privé Crocodile Armoire further, please email our design team at:

ONE PRIVÉ designs and curates elegant accoutrements for comfort & entertainment

The Collection exemplifies our multicultural heritage - inspired by more than 20 years of global journeys to India, Africa, the Near & Far East, Europe, and the Americas

The Collection is curated in the United States to create lasting entertainment memories

ONE PRIVÉ’s collection is exclusive & an expression of our creativeness for the moment. You might have ideas about a possible Trade Collaboration together, let's explore them.

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