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One Privé Atlas Bar Stool | Fully Customizable

$2,350 $2,937.50

The Atlas Bar Stool is Aesthetically Inspired by The Great Art Deco Style Lobbies of Europe & Glamourous Skyscrapers of New York. The One Privé Atlas Bar Stool is Fully Customizable including engraving of Home or Family Crest. 

Minimum Order: Two Bar Stools

Materials as Pictured: Textured Bronze Metal with Plush Velvet  

Material Substations Will Be Accommodated 

Lead Time: Four Months 

The Atlas Bar Stool is Offered as a set of two or more  

Additional Atlas Bar Stools are Offered in pairs (2) only - provided that each set of pairs are ordered simultaneously as the Minimum Order. $4,700


The Dimensions of the Atlas Bar Stool are designed to serve as a stabilizer while seated for entertainment or for dinner.

The Atlas Bar Stools are exceptionally comfortable while delivering an aesthetic that is both unique and sturdy. 

  • The Upper Backrest: 16 inches wide X 5 inches high
  • The Distance from Top of the Seating Cushion to the Top of the Upper Back rest is 8 inches
  • The circumference of the Seating Cushion is 18 inches
  • From the Seating Cushion to the Floor Base is 31 inches
  • From Floor Base to top of the Upper Back Rest is 42 1/2 inches
  • The Distance from the Seated Cushion to Upper Foot Rest is 16 inches
  • Overall Dimensions 42.5" Height 21" Circumference
  • Weight 52 LBS Boxed Weight 60LBS
Designer Inquiries Welcome 

To discuss The One Privé Atlas Bar Stool further, please email our design team at:


Atlas Bar Stool Order Cancellations or Refunds for any reason are NOT permitted during Production, Transit or Prior to complete order Delivery. 

Atlas Bar Stool are Custom Orders and subject to an 85% (Eighty Five Percent) Return & Restocking Charge. Shipping Charges are non Refundable. 


ONE PRIVÉ designs and curates elegant accoutrements for comfort & entertainment

The Collection exemplifies our multicultural heritage - inspired by more than 20 years of global journeys to India, Africa, the Near & Far East, Europe, and the Americas

The Collection is curated in the United States to create lasting entertainment memories

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